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Rumi English
Rumi: If you truly seek peace, prepare for peace!

ISBN 978-3-944677-14-9
Verlag Pro Dialog Köln
Author: Dr. Mohammad Heidari
Translation: Julia Endlich

Preis: 9,90 Euro (Ebook)

40 Stories and Inspiration for peace education by and with Rumi. Based on the main writing Mathnawi by Rumi, also known as Maulana Dschlal ad-Din Muhammad Balchi.

Erhältlich als:
Ebook (Pdf)

from the introduction of Dr. Mohammad Heidari:
According to the opinion of some of the people living in Muslim countries, the global,
western powers striving for worldwide hegemony, are to blame for the chaos and mischief.
Another part of the Muslim population is accusing the Muslim world or Islam itself.
In my opinion there is no use in over-analysing the issue or blaming others. Instead one
should use all the strength to find a solution, not only to find peace but to secure it for
future generations.
As a human-being driven by peace, the following questions were constantly on my mind:
• How can I help myself and others to find and preserve personal peace and inner
• How can we together secure global peace sustainably?
• Which hypothesises and principles do for example Muslims have in relation to the
mentioned issues?

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